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Steps for How to Hypnotize Someone Successfully

Hypnosis is a valuable therapeutic tool that can be used to help people make important changes in their lives. While popular media sometimes give the misleading perception that hypnosis is only used for negative purposes, this is not at all the case. It is important to remember that no one can be hypnotized against their will and hypnosis has tremendous potential to help people overcome some of the problems in their lives. Learn how to hypnotize someone to help improve people’s lives.

There are different techniques for hypnotizing people and some are easier than others. Start with the following steps in order to get started on your hypnosis journey.(The following is the basis)


Step One: Prepare the Subject and the Setting

Hypnosis is really a state of mind. You need to help the person you want to hypnotize let go for a moment of all their cares and worries and concentrate on something else. In order to best accomplish this, you should start out by making sure you have the appropriate setting for hypnosis to take place.

Try to hypnotize the subject in a clean, dimly lit room filled with comfortable furniture. The subject should preferably be lying on his or her back but can also be seated mostly upright in an armchair or recliner. Try to ensure that the place that you work is free of loud noises or distracting people. For ideal results, you and the subject should be alone.

Step Two: Breathing Exercises

Ask the subject to close his eyes and concentrate on his breathing. Encourage the subject to breathe from his diaphragm. Throughout the day most people breathe in shallow breaths from their chest. This is not optimal for relaxation and should be gently discouraged.

Count the subject’s breaths out-loud. Tell the subject that with each breath he is becoming more and more relaxed. Tell him that every time he exhales he is letting go of stress and tension. Remind him that every time he inhales he is letting go of muscular tension. Speak slowly in a monotonous soothing voice.

The tone of voice you use is very important. If you want to increase your odds of successfully being able to induce a hypnotic trance, you must speak with a soothing voice. Adopting a harsh tone will make it very difficult for all but the most gifted subjects to achieve a trance state.

Step Three: Visualizing Going Downstairs

You are now ready to induce a trance state. Ask the subject to visualize a staircase clearly in his mind. Tell him that it has 20 steps and he is standing on the top step now. Ask him to slowly and gently take a step down as he exhales. Encourage him to gradually make his way down all 20 of the steps, pausing each time after he successfully moves from one step to another.

Tell the subject that once he reaches the bottom of the staircase he will be in a deep hypnotic trance. Tell him that the trance will be so deep that only when you say the words “wake up” will the trance end.

Step Four: Deepening the Trance

Now that you have established the trance, you need to deepen it. Tell the subject that with each breath he takes he will move deeper and deeper into the trance. Remind him that maintaining the trance will be effortless.

Learning how to hypnotize someone is not as difficult as it may seem. With a little bit of practice you will start to understand how hypnosis works and be able to induce trances more effectively.


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