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Step By Step On How To Hypnotize Yourself

If you would like to know how to hypnotize yourself, you should understand that Betty Erickson attributed this technique of hypnotizing yourself, which is based upon some ideologies and premises. The counter-examples to these concepts are that we think our thoughts in feelings, sounds, and pictures. Therefore, here are the basic techniques of hypnotizing yourself.

Step 1:

Find a comfortable place, get yourself relaxed, and settled. Be in place where you will stay until you finish hypnotizing. Either you can be seated or lying down, however sitting is the best as you will fall asleep. Be centered while looking ahead, breathing easily and slowly, and feel relaxed.

Step 2:

The time length should be considered too. You should know how long you are intending to stay while hypnotizing and you will realize how well you will maintain your track of the time.

Step 3:

Then the third thing is that you should have a target. You should know why you want to hypnotize yourself and whatever you want to achieve. You will enable your subconscious mind to function on a certain issue rather than giving suggestions all through.

Step 4:

When you look in front, you should detect three things that you see. Detect these three things at a time gradually, pausing for sometime on each. It can be something you have placed ahead of you like picture flame, or preferably a small thing like a doorknob or a spot.

Step 5:
Now turn your thoughts to your auditory channel and observe, one by one, of the three things you hear. This enables you to involve sounds, which occurs in the surroundings instead of being absorbed by them.

Step 6:

After that attend to your feelings and realize three thoughts, which you can feel. Once more, detect them one by one slowly. It is recommendable for you to use outdoor sensations like the feeling of your wristwatch, weight of your glasses or the texture of your trouser.

Step 7:

Proceed with the process of using 3 visuals, then 3 auditory and then 3 kinesthetic. In the same way, continue slowly with one after the other. By doing this you will be through with the external part of hypnotizing yourself. From there you should start with the internal part.

Step 8:

In the internal portion, you will be required to close your eyes and then bring any picture into your mind. You will just create an image in your mind. It could be your car, an apple, an attractive beach, or a point of light. Anything that comes into your mind, just use it.

Step 9:

Pause for a while then allow a sound to come into your consciousness or generate one. The idea here is to include things, which you experience instead of being abstracted by them.

Step 10:

Be aware now of a feeling and give it a name. Try to do it internally where you use your imagination like the warmth of the sun if you are outside hypnotizing. Nevertheless, as with the auditory, you can use the physical feeling that comes into your mind.

After you are through, open your eyes. You will realize that your subconscious mind was doing what you requested of it. In fact, it is an easy method of being aware with how to hypnotize yourself.


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