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How to Instantly Hypnotize A Person

How to hypnotize a person is fairly simple. Here is a very simple, step-by-step method of doing so for the beginner or more experienced individuals. It does not require any training or lots of experience, plus it is not based on anything magical or supernatural. This is just a basic way to help anyone fall into a state of trance, naturally and immediately. Here is how you can create a state of instant hypnosis with nearly anyone that you know.


Start by having someone sitting facing directly across from you. Instruct them to place their hands on top of yours. Your should be plam side up, their should be plams down atop of your own.Next tell your partner to look into your eyes. Tell them that you are going to countdown from 3 to 1, but simply keep following your instructions. Have them press down upon your palms with their own, as you begin counting down. As you count down from 3 to 1, tell them to push down harder. At this point take your hands away, then place them over your partner’s eyes. Moving downward like you are pulling a window blind downward, softly and slowly.

Return your hands to their former position, as they were underneath your partner’s palms. Tell them again to press down hard against your palms with their own hands. As they do this begin telling them that they are feeling very tired, they feel like they should before going to bed, they are very drowsy, they can feel their eyes closing and other affirmations of how tired they are becoming. Do this in repetition until you can feel their palms loosening their pressure against your own, then remind them to press down harder and that they are now going to sleep. As you say the word sleep, pull your own hands out from under their palms and let them fall into the natural state of instant hypnosis. If you have done the steps above correctly, they will be in a light state of hypnosis.

When ready do the same steps in reverse, so that when you count up from 1 to 3, they will awaken naturally. This can technique of instant hypnosis, can be done with nearly anyone and it requires only the hypnotist with a willing partner. Keep in mind, people do not believe in hypnosis can make for bad subjects and there are some persons who are not naturally hypnotized. Even so, most people will find the experience interesting and beneficial. Once you have mastered this technique, it can be done with almost anyone and very easily. It is a very basic, yet effective way to induce a state of instant hypnosis.

That is a basic explanation of how to hypnotize a person, but do so with discretion. It is not harmful, yet it should be done only with a willing subject. Using instant hypnosis techniques like this can be fun and helpful for people who have need for introspection, relaxation, and meditative states in their life. Click the button below to get the guide now.


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